We all love success stories -this is not the one you would expect.  It begins in Los Angeles, being raised by a flower child mother and distant rebel father, to living on the streets of LA, then being a first-responder in New York, and finally starting a new life in Berlin, only to realize that the true calling has been developing consistently through real life experiences. 

Photo by Malina Ebert

Photo by Malina Ebert

Photo by Malina Ebert

Photo by Malina Ebert

Photo by Caroline Wimmer

Photo by Caroline Wimmer

My thirst to explore further is shown in my extensive and ongoing career.  If I'm not working on someone else's project, I am working on my own.  The dedication I have to the craft speaks for itself.


By 2015 I had performed in over 2,000 live concerts small and large (up to 10,000 people), featured in over 40 albums, produced 10 albums and had an estimated reach of around a quarter million fans.  You can listen to my entire discography here.


Although much of my theater experience has been in performing Comedy Improv (a member of the Comedy Sportz Group 2014-2019) in various small and medium sized stages, I have also performed in modern plays at major venues such as the Volksbühne in Berlin and the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  You can preview some of my scripts here.


In 2015, I began working on film productions as an actor.  In 2016 I met my wife Arly Jover and we expanded our journey to work together writing, acting and directing.  Our last 3 films have won several awards around the globe, gaining recognition from AFI, AACTA, and ACS.  You can see some of our work here.

Radio Voice.png

My voice is my tool and I have also used it in my career as a professional puppeteer for my world renown puppet group, Puppetmastaz (2004-2014).  I have performed in thousands of venues and featured in numerous radio shows.  I continue to use my voice in commercials, cartoons, 3D animated series, and video games.  You can hear my many voices here.


195 S. Beverly Dr. Ste. 400
Beverly Hills California, USA

phone:  +1 (310) 786-1936
fax:  +1 (213) 254-9049


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