Sound On Set

Watch. Listen. Connect.
Blake sound let's you do it all.

Blake lets you hear what's happening as is happens. From the whispers of your talent in an intimate scene, to the surrounding atmospheres of a unique environment. Rest assured, every recording is saved at the highest quality settings.¹


Together with your creative vision.

Blake makes sure every element of your vision is properly recorded to offer the utmost immersion to your audience possible.  Capturing every nuance of a scene from before it's been shot, to after it's been wrapped.


Because knowing is half the battle.

A project can be dead on arrival due to a lack of or absence of auditory spatial awareness.  It takes a dedicated audiophile to make the most mundane visual an effective experience for the viewer and it all starts on day 1.

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Every word and breathe count.

It takes a skilled sound engineer to know where to place a microphone on subject depending on the what they are wearing, the surrounding environments, and actions they are performing. 

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Attention to every atmosphere.

No space sounds the same and every space has two characters.  It is key that every surrounding be captured properly.  Not capturing the sound of a space correctly can result in hours of extra time in the post-production process. 


Efficient.  Orderly.  Structured.

It is vital in the methodology of capturing sound on set that every file be named and categorized with the correct metadata to effectively save many hours in the  post-production process.


Up close and personal for you.

More than a remarkable way to capture the true emotion of any scene, interview, or even montage is by knowing where to focus on absorbing sounds. 

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Hear it all as it happens.

Be in the moment with what is being shot and truly feel what is being captured. 


Experience in the process.

Accomplishing a professional recording is not just in the moment, it is in the knowing of what moment is to come and where it will go.  Having knowledge of equipment and frequencies can save days of work in post-production.


And just like that, it's all in sync.

Blake ensures quality control when it comes to delivering your sound.  Complete with sound sheets, metadata, and even comments.  All sound files are carefully organized for effortless understanding in post-production.


Clear. Concise.  Consistent.

Sound sheets are vital in saving time in post-production.  Find specific recordings on-the-fly.  Replace dialog or on set sounds in seconds without having to listen through tracks. 

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There when you need it again.

On those rare occasions when additional dialog is needed in the same environment it was filmed in, Blake has you covered.


Quality control in any format.

Whether it's in mono or surround, every recording is set to the highest quality settings -no questions asked.

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And there when you want more.

Sometimes unique sounds are required for the sound design department.  There is nothing that cannot be recorded.

Make your vision

stand out from the rest

with an audio immersive touch.

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Sound Design


Music Score

Breathing life

into your vision.

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