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Live Stream

Live in the studio

Professional audio and visuals in real-time.¹

Front row seats in the studio of BlakeSound.  Watch your project come to life in real-time¹ with high quality audio and video. This option is of course for clients who approve of their project being public during the process. 

Private sessions

Directors, Producers, and editors need to share files, comment on clips in real-time, and compare different versions or edits of a clip. Today, workflows need to be more consistent and faster than ever.  From, Zoom, and Google hangouts it is also possible to keep in sync other ways. 

Taking frequencies beyond

the imagination through

virtual reality.

Watch trailer >

Spatial Sound

Your vision.

An original film score.

Watch trailer >
  1. Streaming quality and speed is dependent on your provider.  In most cases streaming is consistent at 1080p and on some occasions drops to 720p. Live streams may also have up to a 1 minutes delay, therefor not in precise real-time.  

  2. Twitch not intended to be promoted and maintains it's respective copyrights.

  3. Specific clients may welcome the viewing of projects publicly by the request of Blake Worrell.

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