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From actors and company leaders to online streamers and tv presenters, the voice is one of the most important tools to captivate an audience, to make them listen.  Not only does it affect your audience, but it also builds confidence by empowering the self.


There are many ways to train your voice, which involve muscle relaxation, posture, breathing, vocalizing, and projection.  From being on stage in over 2,000 venues around the world, I know firsthand what it takes to not only find your voice but to keep it in the right tone. 


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Being active and training on a weekly basis is imperative in order to maintain your voice.  You must have the discipline to educate your vocal cords and instill the body memory through long term training.  

You will learn:

• Special breathing techniques that can save your voice.

• Exercises to strengthen your voice muscles.

• The different ways of understanding tones.

• To obtain self-confidence in your communication skills.


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