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I’m a brand safety expert, an internationally recognized activist and co-founder of Check My Ads.

In an age where “neutrality” is no longer an option, I speak on the art of brand stewardship: how to protect your brand, uphold its core values and navigate difficult gray area issues before they become serious brand risks.

As one of the former leaders behind Sleeping Giants, the global movement for brand safety, I bring my unique behind-the-scenes experience to Fortune 500 companies, industry associations and business schools around the world.

“Jammi’s solution is simple and audacious. If digital marketing has helped wreck online discourse while wasting a ton of corporate money, then perhaps marketers are in the best position to save online discourse. She just needs to teach them to take control of where their ads are running—and in the process, take on the $300 billion digital advertising sector with a business of her own.