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A newly released

book by
Blake Worrell


What happens when you wake up in the morning and write a letter to yourself without thinking or being aware of what you are writing?  'Letters To Self' is the answer. Blake Worrell takes a blind leap beyond the depths of the unconscious mind and records his most personal thought process for all to decipher. 

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His Story

From ghostwriting for major artists and writing his own hits, Blake has expanded his writing into award-winning short films. 

It is said that the earliest form of communication is storytelling. Blake writes to communicate ideas, experiences, and emotions.

His most recent projects include a book of  short stories, poetry and a feature film to be released in 2024.


Song writer

With over two decades of prolific songwriting and an impressive track record of being signed by both Sony Music and Universal Music, it's undeniable that Blake Worrell is a true luminary in the music industry.

His professionalism shines through in every aspect of his work, from crafting lyrics that resonate with audiences to his unwavering dedication to the craft.  Blake’s talent is nothing short of extraordinary, consistently pushing boundaries and creating music that transcends genres and captivates hearts and minds.


Script writer

With a lifelong passion for storytelling and a focus on screenwriting since 2016, Blake Worrell has cultivated a reputation for vision, talent, and professionalism.

His work has been recognized with several film awards, a testament to his ability to craft narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. His distinctive storytelling style leaves a lasting impression, making Blake, a subtle yet influential presence in the world of independent cinema today.


Stories & Poems

Blake Worrell’s talent as an author is as undeniable as it is unique. With the self-publishing success of two books and the imminent release of a third through a publisher, Blake Worrell has demonstrated an exceptional ability to captivate readers with their storytelling prowess. What sets Blake apart is his distinct voice and the ability to craft narratives that resonate deeply with a diverse audience.

His journey from self-publishing to traditional publishing speaks to his dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to the craft of writing, making Blake Worrell a truly distinctive and accomplished author.