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A higher

definition of sound.

Blake's Award-Winnning audio engineering brings the highest level mixes together with industry standard services — into a powerful experience that will transform your project to compete with the majors.

Available in Surround Sound¹


Giving life to films,

commercials, games,

and more.


96 kHz
64 bit
sound quality
for clear sound.

Amplifying the experience.

With layers of sound.

Small Sound Design.gif

Feel the moment.

Through fidelity.


Hear the characteristics

of every mood.

The sound detail you're listening

for. Ideal with

your vision.

Seasoned sound design.

Blake can amplify anything on the screen to its most exceptional level of entertainment.

Even take it to a more in depth audio awareness with surround sound to hear your vision expand to broader degrees of audio

Virtual Sound Engineering.

Blake is one of the few engineers who can professionally bring pristine custom sound experiences to the world of Virtual Reality.

Then immerse yourself in a multi dimensional audio experience with a VR device, and you’ll hear how Blake brings a truly cinematic experience to life.


Balanced sound with a professionally calibrated mix.

Adjusting your volume settings to get the best sound quality can be frustrating. Not anymore. You can be guaranteed that the sound will be adjusted to meet your audiences needs on any device.  Whether it be Spotify or Netflix, every mix will be handled according to each platform specification.


Impressive sound.

And it shows.

Your project fine-tuned.  From award-winning films to ads that go viral,
Blake has first-class tools to ensure standards are met with excellence.

From AVID Pro-Tools, Waves, iZotope, Universal Audio and more.²


Audio awareness. At the end of the mix it boils down to how your audience is affected by it all. So it is important to not get carried away with too much. There are times when more is magnificent but there are also times when less is more.

Controlled mixes. Grade-A sound delivery means that every network and platform audio requirement is met.


Quality matters

for your

text switch.gif

Be there.  Hear what it means to have true-to-life sound that lures viewers into the picture to be a part of the moment.  With carefully adjusted mixes to meet the characteristics of any occasion.


Cinematic.  Look no further than Blake to heighten the senses of your story.  Adding an extra sensory awareness to any scene to captivate your audience. 


Interactive. Explore the inner nature of your world as Blake breeds new possibilities within the realms of any environment.

Gameplay gets even more realistic with Virtual Reality, which adds a next-level immersive experience in which Blake gracefully decorates with sound.


Seducing. Sounds can emit in such tender subtlties that it can have prolific emotions produced that your audience is unaware of.  A good mix is one that goes unnoticed to the viewer, but well recognized by the psyche.

An even bigger

big sound


Involvement is key
Discover possibilities. One of the most common mistakes is to not include the audio department in the beginning stages from location scouting to prop design.


Make time for sound.  Many productions have been shot with one camera, but rarely with one audio device.  Every production requires a specified type and amount of audio equipment to better meet the needs for post-production to reach quality standards.


Shhhh. It’s gonna get loud. From locking a set to recording wild tracks, subtle sounds do catch in the mix.  Whether it's a garbage truck down the street or even the frequencies of a production teams smartphone.  Every professional team knows that sound is part of the core of making a good film great. 


Video Department
And Sound department too. This is a fragile stage where transparency between the two departments from beginning to picture lock can ultimately enhance the project.

Audio Post-Production²
Time is on our side.  Because the sound department is the last in line before delivery, it sometimes gets hit with all the time constraints at once, making it a high stress environment.  It's been proven that by factoring in realistic time frames for the Sound Department, it will increase the quality of a project.


Listen carefully.  A professional mix allows a project to be heard on any device, but not every device offers the full spectrum of sound.  A laptop speaker will not offer as much as a professional headset.  For best results, one should listen on the device they are most familiar with -the TV.


Know your delivery. Just because there is sound, does not mean it is ready for any platform. Apple, Netlix, YouTube, and many more have a Loudness Units to Full Scale (LUFS) requirement.  So every mix must be custom tailored.

Use quality to

hear clarity.


Taking frequencies beyond

the imagination through

virtual reality.

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Spatial Sound

All your vision.

All original film score.

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  1. Surround sound available upon request.  5.1 Dobly Surround Sound certified.

  2. Each company represented in this page including AVID protools, Waves, Dolby, and iZotope are not sponsors, nor do they hold any connection to and from Blake Sound.  Companies and apps represented on this page maintain their respective copyrights.

  3. View list of headphones recommendations here.  All headphone recommendations are not paid sponsors and every headphone listed maintains their respective copyright including Audeze.

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