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Spatial Sound VR/VG


With the dawn of immersive audio, the listening experience has transformed. It is a quantum leap in technology offering a completely unique experience of being able to fully immerse into multiple forms of entertainment whether art, music, film, or games.


A world
of dreams.
Now existing.

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Virtual Reality is a fast growing medium which is growing an ever increasing demand.

Evolution of spatial Audio - With the rise of virtual, augmented reality, and 360 videos - immersive media formats are making its way down the pipeline, the need for realistic immersive audio is bigger than ever before.


In the real world - we perceive sound “binaurally,” literally meaning with two ears. What real 3D audio is ultimately about is guiding our ears to receive localization information that includes all directions and distances from a single, binaural sound source.


Quill Theater²

Immersive experiences - Our ability to localize audio sources in three-dimensional spaces is a fundamental part of how we experience sound. Audio spatialization is the process of modifying sounds to make them localizable, so they seem to originate from distinct locations relative to the listener. It is a key part of creating presence in virtual reality games and applications.

360º Films³


Heightened Awareness - Ambisonics represents a spherical sound field using regular audio channels. An Ambisonics mix is not tied to any particular playback system; it can be decoded to playback on any arrangement of speakers, or on headphones. It’s the audio format commonly used for Facebook 360 videos, as well as for 360 video on YouTube, and VR headsets like Oculus Rift and Gear VR.


Quality Capture. Whether sound on-set of a 360° video shoot or recording ambience to be added to a video game, ambisonics allows for a fully head-tracked audio experience.  Sound is half the experience and thanks to ambisonics ability, that adage has never been more true than in VR.


Hear Everywhere. While surround sound gives a sense of horizontal direction, spatial audio takes it a leap further and adds height cues and literal distance. From hearing a helicopter flying a few hundred yards away to hearing it directly over your head.  Never before has this been possible.

Truly feel
what you
see around you.

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